Hey y’all,

Juan here. (Or Juampi, Juan Pablo, John, flaco, numbnuts, or whatever you feel like calling me.) This is my website.

I was born in San Juan, Argentina on November 6th, 1990.

My parents worked as academics and engineers. My father worked as an electrical engineer and taught physics at the local National University of San Juan. My mother was one of the first female software engineers in San Juan, and also taught computer science at the University.

In 1996, just before my sixth birthday, my father accepted a job in Boston, Massachusetts for a Japanese company that manufactured floppy disks. Our family immigrated to the United States that year and we began new lives as Americans, first in Massachusetts and later in Texas.


I studied Political Science and Classics at the University of Texas at Austin, where I graduated with my B.A. and was a member of Phi Delta Theta.  After a few years working in Real Estate and earning my first paid work as a writer in Austin, I moved to Illinois to study Creative Writing at the University of Chicago, where I received my M.A. and spent a year writing a (terrible) book about boxing.

In my professional life, I have worked as a political staffer at the Texas House of Representatives, a 3rd through 12th grade English teacher, a content writer, and most recently an Account Executive in the tech industry.  My journey has led me from Argentina to Massachusetts to Dallas to Austin to Chicago to Spain to Utah to Ireland to California.

Currently, I am living in the San Francisco Bay Area with my partner and our Golden Retriever.

To get in touch send me an e-mail at juan.p.gargiulo@gmail.com or say hello on Twitter or Instagram.

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